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Want to express a compliment or give recognition?  Feedback Form
If you feel that a certain aspect of your experience was exceptional, or a specific care member deserves recognition, please let us know. You can write, email or call the contact numbers on the back. Your kind words will be passed to the right people!

At Community Care Peterborough we want to ensure you are receiving excellent care and service.
We want to hear from you to find out how well we are doing and how we can improve.
Your feedback helps us
 Promote a culture of courtesy and respect in a client-centered environment
 Improve the quality and safety of our services
 Proactively support identification, analysis and mitigation of potential risks for our clients
 Support and promote ongoing learning for our staff and volunteers
You have the right to inform us of any concern you may have about the services you are receiving without fear, interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal.

Have a concern about an aspect of care or service you or a family member have received?
The first step we suggest is to express any feelings, questions and concerns directly with the people involved in your care (or their supervisor) as they are normally the best sources of information on most aspects of your experience.
If you are not satisfied with the response you receive or you are uncomfortable speaking directly with the staff person or volunteer involved, you may make a complaint.

What can you expect from us once you have made your concerns known?
It is our goal to facilitate the resolution of patient and family concerns in a timely manner, in an atmosphere of respect, compassion and fairness for all involved.

We will investigate your concerns and follow up on your comments to the best of our abilities. Unless you decide to make your complaint anonymously, a supervisor or manager will contact you within two (2) working days of receiving the written information, letter or phone call. A review will be undertaken and a response provided within five (5) working days.

Open and Transparent. We will keep you informed at appropriate intervals about the progress of the investigation.. You are welcome to contact us at any time should you have additional questions of comments to share. All complaints are confidential and are kept separate from a client’s file.
Appeal Process. If your complaint cannot be satisfied you can bring it up to the attention of the Executive Director of Community Care Peterborough to request an administrative review; to be undertaken within five (5) business days.
If dissatisfied with the outcome of your appeal, you will be provided with contact information for the Central East Local Health Integration Network if the service in question is funded through that jurisdiction.

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