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Clients Rights and Responsibilities

 Client Rights and Responsibilities


Clients of Community Care Peterborough have rights and responsibilities related to the care and services they receive. Services are designed and delivered in a manner that reflects and respects these rights and responsibilities.


  1. You will be treated with dignity and in a courteous and respectful manner;
  2. You will be free from mental, physical, verbal, and financial abuse by Community Care Peterborough employees, volunteers, and brokered helpers;
  3. You will be served in a manner that is sensitive to and responds to your needs and preferences, including those based on ethnic, spiritual, linguistic, familial, and cultural factors;
  4. You will be informed about the service requested including who will be providing it;
  5. You will participate in the assessment of your needs and the development, ongoing review, evaluation, and revision of your Service Plan;
  6. You may modify or refuse service;
  7. You can contact the office to initiate complaints, make appeals, and provide feedback about service;
  8. You can raise concerns or recommend changes without discrimination or fear of reprisal;
  9. You may ask for more information about the laws, rules, and policies affecting the operation of Community Care Peterborough; and
  10. Your information will be kept confidential in accordance with privacy legislation.



  1. You will contact the office to request service instead of contacting volunteers at home. Community Care Peterborough cannot assume liability or responsibility for private arrangements made without its knowledge and approval;
  2. You will contact the office in advance if you will not be home at the scheduled time to receive service. If you get the answering machine, please leave a message;
  3. You will keep Community Care Peterborough apprised of any significant change in circumstance, contact information, or service needs;
  4. You will respect the privacy of Community Care Peterborough employees and volunteers;
  5. You will refrain from smoking in the presence of representatives of Community Care;
  6. You will respect the human rights of employees, volunteers and brokered helpers and treat them with courtesy and kindness;
  7. You will recognize that volunteers and brokered helpers may perform only those tasks which have been approved by the service office;
  8. You will give the pre-arranged fee to the volunteer/brokered helper directly;
  9. You will speak in confidence to a Community Care employee if you have a complaint or concern; and
  10. You will review the Client Guide and respect service guidelines.


For more information, contact Catherine at (705)742-7067, ext. 204