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Meet Marva - A Peterborough Volunteer - The Value of One, The Power of Many
April 28th, 2021

Our Meals on Wheels Volunteers are a great example of this slogan! Each volunteer coming in to support this program is so important, and with all the volunteers working together, we have delivered over 40,000 meals during the past year! Each volunteer plays an important role in making that happen.
Meet our Peterborough volunteer Marva, who volunteers in our ‘Freezer Room’ once a week. In her role, she organizes the meals and route details for the delivery volunteers and she assists with administrative tasks for the Meals on Wheels program.
Marva joined our team of Freezer Room volunteers in the summer of 2020. When asked what motivated her to volunteer, Marva said she has a desire to help others, especially our senior population who have given so much to our community. She enjoys knowing that she is making a difference in someone’s life by volunteering. Her role also allows her the chance to get to know the other Meals on Wheels volunteers which she really enjoys.
When asked what she would tell others who are thinking about volunteering, Marva says “Just do it! Find an organization that interests you. It is very rewarding and a good feeling knowing you are helping by giving a little of your time!”
Volunteers like Marva make our program run smoothly each day. She is an important part of the Meals on Wheels team and we thank her for all of her support and dedication.
Our Meals on Wheels program is a very large program that has experienced a demand for service because of the pandemic. Across our agency, this program relies on the support of over 110 volunteers who work together to deliver Meals on Wheels! We thank each and every one of you!
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