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Meet Larry - An Apsley Volunteer - The Value of One, The Power of Many
April 27th, 2021

 Larry has been a volunteer at Community Care in Apsley for nearly 6 years. We keep him pretty busy driving clients to medical appointments and grocery shopping, friendly visiting and he is also a brokered home maintenance worker; doing odd jobs for clients at their homes like stacking wood, cutting grass and snow removal.
Larry is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone that asks. Since the loss of our grocery store in December, Larry has been shopping for friends, family and community members that are not able to make it to a grocery store.
When asked what motivates Larry to volunteer, he replied “mostly just to help the community out, I am retired and it gives me something to do, I really enjoy the people that I’m involved with and I know I’m doing a good thing for the community.”
Larry shows caring by building great relationships with our clients and volunteers alike. He is always smiling and willing to share a good laugh with anyone willing to listen.
Larry helped the office relocate two years ago, and noted that we have a much nicer space to work out of and lots more room for all the donations we receive to our thrift store. He has seen many changes to programs and services in that they have increased a great deal, and says he notices the agency as a whole has put a lot of work into providing these programs and services, he says we run a pretty smooth operation.
For anyone interested in volunteering, Larry’s advice is that he strongly recommends it, he says he has a vested interest in the community and volunteering, he thinks everyone should try to get involved if they’re able, and said “it’s not like the big city, here we all help each other out, and really get to know our neighbours”.
Larry stated “volunteering is much more than what I expected, I never really looked at it that much, until I started with Community Care, partly because I was busy with work. I find it very interesting. It makes me feel useful and to know that I am needed is a great feeling too.”
Larry, we appreciate all that you do for Community Care, our clients and the Apsley community! We are fortunate to have you on our team! Thank you for all that you do.