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Meet Some Our Office Volunteers in Buckhorn - The Value Of One, The Power of Many
April 7th, 2021

Our office volunteers are TOP NOTCH! With a current team of 17, our office volunteers come in one at a time to assist in the office.
They answer phones, book drive requests, call to check on clients, help with administrative tasks and so much more. Volunteers also help to make phone calls from home to check on clients – a service that is continuing to grow!
We went from calling 20 people 5 days a week to now calling 39 people 7 days a week! This is possible because of our volunteer's continued support and dedication.
It has been a busy year, we could not have gotten through it without our office volunteers who jump at any opportunity to assist!!
Thank you so much. We can certainly see the power of this group of volunteers and appreciate all they do!