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Meet Mary - An Apsley Volunteer - The Value of One. The Power of Many.
April 6th, 2021

The Value of One. The Power of Many - Meet Mary

We are powered by a dedicated and caring group of volunteers! Today we would like to introduce you to a long-serving volunteer with our Apsley Office, Mary Hall.

Mary has been a volunteer a Community Care for over 19 years!

Over the years Mary has volunteered as a driver, office work, Meals on Wheels and now Mary is our knick-knack convenor. She manages the household items and linens that come in as donations to our thrift store – Apsley Vintage and Gallery, and prices the items when they’re ready to go into the store.

Mary has seen a lot of changes at Community Care. She has helped move our offices three times and has seen many changes to our programs and services. Mary remembers the only services that Community Care provided at that time were Transportation and Meals on Wheels and the office was run out of the front porch of a house on the main street of Apsley (this was where the library is now). The thrift store had just started, and at that time it was mostly just clothing.

When asked what stands out, Mary answered “when we were in the house, we had 2 very funny volunteers that made us laugh every day, they had a knack for making people laugh, and that was very special to me, I could count on that, I knew when I came in to work I knew I was going to laugh”.

Mary says that by showing care towards others, being friendly and informative, and being polite she makes a difference for others. She enjoys being around others and hearing lots of unique stories.

What motivates Mary to volunteer is the idea that she is helping people. Volunteering motivates Mary to get going and to be out and about in the community helping people, she says it’s a wonderful thing to do.

Mary’s advice to others that are thinking about volunteering is it’s a wonderful place to come to.

We want to extend a huge thank you to Mary for her dedication and commitment for the past 19 years! Thank you for all of your help and energy that you bring to the Apsley Office!