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Smile Cookies 2023



Smile Cookies are Back - Show Us You Care!

We have been selected to receive the proceeds of the Smile Cookie campaign during the week of  May 1 to 7, 2023. Normally, Tim Hortons restaurants have ran this campaign in September but this year they are operating it in May. Community Care will receive the proceeds in all City of Peterborough, Lakefield, Curve Lake, and Bridgenorth locations. Each cookie is $1.50 and we receive 100% of these sales!  

Show us you care by helping us spread the word, by signing up to be a volunteer, or by pre-ordering your cookies using the form below.

Become a volunteer to help decorate cookies or be an ambassador!

Sign up here to volunteer


 Want to Pre-Order Your Cookies?

 Drop off Your Pre-Order Form at any of the below, participating Tim Hortons locations:

 In Peterborough

  • 721 Ashburnham Drive
  • 1527 Water Street
  • 1200 Lansdowne Street West
  • 336 Lansdowne Street East
  • 871 - 875 Chemong Road
  • 157 George Street North
  • 645 Lansdowne Street West
  • 55 Park Street North
  • 81 Hunter Street East
  • 898 Monaghan Road
  • 1781 Lansdowne Street
  • 1420 Crawford Drive
  • 1901 Lansdowne Street West
  • 949 Highway 7 East
  • 110 Chandler Cres. (at Parkhill)

 In Lakefield

  • 139 Queen Street

 In Bridgenorth

  • 758 Ward Street North

 In Curve Lake

  • 1420 Mississauga Street

 Visit  for an up-to-date list of charities and cities participating in this year’s campaign.

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